7 Telltale Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You

Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You

physical signs your wife is cheating – “Show me a really hot woman, and I will show a man who is tired of sleeping with her.” This anonymous quote doesn’t explain infidelity away, it calls it what is it – cheating.

She’s cheated on you, what next?” It is the other man to blame when your wife starts coming home late from work or is frequently out of the house on work related meetings. This change of behavior has nothing to do with the other man.

You’re rattled.  This isn’t a dream.  This is the reality of love life? What do you in this situation? Watch out for Seven Telltale Physical Signs to Know Your Wife is Cheating on You.

physical signs your wife is cheating

Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You
Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You

She’s Acting Weird

Your wife is acting strange.  True women have moods caused by physical changes on the body.  Your wife’s moods are in excess, and stands in the way of your relationship.

  • She has acquired new expressions.
  • She turns you away.
  • Her attitude sucks. She’s moody around you and happy as Larry with other people.

These are signs of worse thing to come in the relationship.  You can’t put a finger on the cause of your wife’s sudden behavior change.  These signs could men she’s secretly seeing another man beside you.

She’s Put You on Sex Dieting

Sure a woman has reason to abstain from sex sometimes.   She couldn’t be up to the game if she has a throbbing pounding headache.  Or, it’s the time of the month again. Catch her dead for a romp in that gloomy situation.

However, if days turn into weeks and month without getting at it with you, something doesn’t add up. Reasons for not having the usual dose of steamy love making are clear signs your wife is cheating on you and getting the fulfillment elsewhere.

Another reason for putting you on sex dieting is because she’s angry. Dig deep to discover if you did something to upset her and she’s not telling you. If you can’t find anything you did wrong, there is only one logical explanation. She’s having a ball cheating on you with another man and starving you sexually.

She’s Miles Away From You

Not physically, although that a possibility if she chooses to have a fling in a dingy place far away from familiar home or office surrounding. She’d put distance between you, away in a place her friends or yours are scarce.

On the other hand, it could simply mean she doesn’t connect with you anymore.  She’s desperately trying to avoid eye and body contact. She fears her negative reactions to keep you at bay could give her way.  She’s comfortable rolling into the arms of another man.  How do you handle this situation without driving her into the arms of the new man in her life?

Study the Situation.  There is fat chance your wife’s mood swings are triggered by circumstances beyond your knowledge. You’ve known her as bubbly and sexy.  Get back to the drawing board. If the behavior to spruce up her appearance and physical outlook continues, it’s not unthinkable it is a physical sign your wife is cheating on you. Another man could be stealing the show of your romantic love from her shift of attention from you.

She Spends A lot of Time Online

The internet provides a huge platform for all kinds of good and bad behavior changes. Anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer has access to face book, online dating sites to liven love life.  It’s cheap convenient and discreet to date online.

Your wife doesn’t have to worry about nosy friends in bars, restaurants in the working place if she’s getting cozy with a strange man.  She could do that right under your nose in the comfort of the house and convenience of her modern advanced technology.

She’s spending colossal amount of time on the phone, tablet or computer instead of having quality time with you, that’s the cue your wife is cheating on you. There is more going on around than meets the eye in your relationship.

She’s spending quality time alone online and is secretive about it.  She abruptly switches off the machine when you approach, steps aside to talk on the phone in low tone of voice.  Hey a guy, she’s hiding something from you.

Her Phone is Off Limits

The frequency of her text messages, WhatsApp, she’s also connected on Messenger.  These are signs she could be up to no good. You’re connected, except in her case you don’t get to know the person she’s in touch with, girlfriends, old flame, new man in her life. It could be anyone. She’s careful not to leave the phone behind.  She takes it to the bathroom, toilet everywhere and has changed the original password many times. This could be a sign your wife is cheating on you.

She’s Guilty as Hell

Lack of interest to be together, loss of appetite of home cooked meals, difficulty falling asleep, and erratic mood swing are physical signs your wife is cheating on you.

She’s stressed up. She’s hiding her gaze from you.  She’s guilty as hell.  How could she look you in the eye and lie she has not been out with another man?  She’s terrified yet torn between the steamy romance and a life time dream with you.

It’s Time to Solicit Assistance

Life is challenging.  You can’t stand your wife’s sudden behavior change.  She’s not helping by withdrawing from you. You’re frustrated.  What do you do now?  You could live with the truth however, hard it hits home. You’ve had difference before, patched up and moved on in the relationship.  This is different.  But it is not hopeless provided you handle it well to clear doubts eroding your relationship

You’ve tried talking to her without success. It’s time to solicit assistance outside. Get a private eye to stalk and trail her.  You get to know where she disappears to.  You could also take the next big step, hire a company with the latest Lie Detector equipment to assist you clear doubts, and move on with life. You think your wife is cheating on you, try out these ways today. Get a life now.