8 Signs of Chemistry between Two People

Chemistry between Two People

Chemistry between Two People – You know friends struggling to adjust and cope with what relationship experts call post relationship depression. You could be one of them.  You spent months investing time and resources on a relationship.  You now realize, the spark that brought you together in the relationship was not chemistry at all.

Your heart has been briefly and badly bruised from a previous experience.  You don’t want a repeat performance.  You’ve began to have doubts if chemistry really works in relationships.  You’re in the phase of question if chemistry between two people really works. How do you detect real from fake chemistry? Here are eight tried and tested signs of chemistry between two people to guide and show you the way forward in your relationship.

Chemistry between Two People
Chemistry between Two People

Chemistry between Two People

Common Interests

“Birds of the same feather flock together,” isn’t just an old tired and overused cliché.  This statement has a place in business as well as relationships. Think of your partner in relationship as your travel companion on this journey called life.

You’re set to go on a journey with prior knowledge of the destination.  You also have a pretty good idea the duration of time travelling to this destination takes. You’ve a travelling companion on this journey. You’ve common interests and aspirations.  You understand the requirements and have made arrangements to make it work.

A similar scenario plays out in relationships.  Having commons interests is part of the chemistry between two people. You need each other for encouragement and support throughout the grueling task of maintaining a healthy relationship.

Crack and Laugh at Similar Jokes.

You love reading books in non-fiction niche, crack and laugh at jokes from similar sources.  This means you can use those jokes to illustrate points during conversations between the two of you. Here are some examples to assist illustrate this point.

  • Your start introducing yourself as “Joe at I-I-Net dot com”
  • All of your friends have an @ in their name.
  • You can’t call your mother….. she doesn’t have a modem.
  • You move into a new house and Netscape before you landscape.
  • You refer going to the bathroom as <downloading>

This is a good sign of chemistry between two people. Put it into good use to oil the rusty joints of relationships.

Joint Respect

This has nothing to do with dominance or submission in relationships. Mutual respect acknowledges and accepts individual uniqueness.  You share a lot of things in common.  You also have the privilege of having individual quality time, exclusive time dedicated to individual thoughts.

This requires give and take in the relationship. Chemistry between two people is the tie that binds the two of you in the relationship. It might mean respecting your partner’s individual rights, and still be in touch, protect and encourage one another in the relationship.

Chemistry between Two People
Chemistry between Two People

Team Work

You’re in the relationship to make it work.  That is not going to happen without effort, contribution and trust in each other to adjust and cope with one another in good and bad times.  This is another sign that there is chemistry between two people. You both wake up every morning and take on responsibilities.

A lady mops the house, prepares breakfast, as the man takes care of other activities around the house.  The two of you head off to the office only to return and take over from where you left in the morning.  This unending responsibility team work makes living quarters function. It gives the two of you something tangible to engage your creative minds on besides regular office work.

Sound in the Silence

You live in the visible physical world.  But your thoughts originate from invisible formless world. Visible world consists of tangible items you see feel touch, taste and smell.

Invisible world of thoughts is beyond the realm of the five senses.  Sound in the silence is more pronounced when a person withdraws to his/her own thoughts. However you still respond to one another through touch in the physical body and intuition because there is chemistry between two people.

Chemistry and Connectivity

You’re connected to partner in a relationship at three levels, physical which is essential to make contact through touch.  Kisses and hugs play a major role in relationships to sustain the bond of chemistry between two people in a relationship.

You’ve also heard the statement, “two heads are better than one.”  You put your heads together to brainstorm and seek solutions to challenges in life.

Chemistry between Two People
Chemistry between Two People

Coded Messages

Coded signals fly back and forth in relationships all the time.  A woman more than a man sends coded signals through body language.  These signals are decoded by the man with the help of chemistry between two people.

For example, patting the man on shoulders or gentle tender touch on any part of his body is a sign of chemistry between two people in a relationship.

All body movements convey meaning.  Meanings vary from place to place, culture to culture, and country to country. Three distinct classifications of body language used in relationships across the board include:

  • Physical – Scratching, winking, stretching, and yawning are the most common outward body movements.
  • Psychological – Intellect.
  • Social – Touch

Modeling Your Partner

One of the best kept secrets in making relationships work is the ability to model your partner.  You’ve watched kids play house.  Lads mimic dads, while lasses assume mothers roles in this scenario.  Kids are a natural at modeling adults in life.  It’s part of growing up to responsible adulthood.

Adults in relationships do the same thing.  You’ve admire the way she responds to challenging situations.  You also love to be calm, cool and collected in hard situations.  Thanks to the partner. You might not openly admit and give the other person credit, but the impact works to improve your relationship and that is what counts in the end.

Whether you’re drawn to one another by common interests, laugh at silly jokes together, have mutual respect, value sound in the silence, connect with one another through coded messages, team work  in relationship is a product of chemistry between two people.