How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck – Did you know there are 19 different types of kisses? 

How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck

Did you know there are 19 different types of kisses?

Forehead kiss, French kiss, Eskimo kiss, Butterfly kiss, Spider kiss and the list goes on.  Kissing is a way of showing affection.  Different groups of people in different cultures show intimacy through kissing.

Kissing is the bloodline of romantic love. You’re attracted to a girl.  How do you express those feelings?  One way of showing love is by kissing the person.  This varies in nature depending on the circumstances and occasion.  Specific to this topic of discussion is How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck. Different kisses convey different meanings relevant within culture.  Kisses and hugs go hand in hand. What does kissing a girl’s neck signify?

You need to check out with the girl to get permission. Promise you’re in control and nothing unbecoming is likely to happen.  Open discussion is part of growing together in a relationship. Ask if she knows what it involves.  Take time to explain the process.  You need to have a common ground to do it right if it’s her first time.

You want to scale up physical attraction between you and the girl. Seal it with a kiss on the neck.  Why the neck?  Why not dive straight into the mouth and make an exploration with the tongue? The neck is sensitive.  It is also the most obvious step. It is a good starting point that leads and provides opportunity to get close to the girl. Where does neck kissing begin?

How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck
How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck

You don’t walk up to a girl and ask, would you like a kiss on the neck?  Start with a touch on the hand.  Make the connection and gradually work your way to her neck.  Ill-timed, this exercise could back fire.  You’re dealing with emotions here.  You need to get the girl’s permission and into the mood.

How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck

You’ve the permission.  Make sure the two of you know where this could lead to and how far you’re willing to go with it. You could start with a peck on the cheek or lips. You need to make the connection with a touch on the hand.

Touch on the Hand

Place your hands gently on hers.  Hold the hand and stroke it gently as you look into her eyes.  The duration of time these activities take, depend on circumstance, place and the two people involved in neck kissing.

Kissing Position

What area of the neck do you kiss?  The area of a girl’s neck closer to the collarbone is more sensitive.  This is a great spot to turn on a girl. You’ve identified the place.  You need to know the right position.  You could approach How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck from behind or standing beside her with your hands wrapped around her waist. What do you do with the rest of the body?

Get close.  You’ve the opportunity from proximity.  This brings the two of you together, your body and hers pressed against one another. You’ll feel the sparks flying.  Warmth is generated as your bodies get enmeshed together.  It is not surprising if your palms and hers are sweaty.  Most girls’ eyes are half or closed during this time.

How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck
How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck

Use of Hands

What do you do with the hands prior, in the process and past the neck kiss? Let your hands do the walking to explore the girl’s body.  Feel the contour and curves of her body as you navigate while your tongue is working magic charm on her neck.  Be sure to hold her close and tight.

You could also place hands on her shoulders during neck kissing. Run the hands through her silk hair and onto the body gently.  She should be ready and responding in ecstasy by now.  The next two steps are vital to complete the exercise.

How it works

Take it slow.  Build it to crescendo gradually after you blow warm breathe on the girl’s neck. Feedback from the girl’s reaction gives the cue to take the next step of action.  You know she’s enjoying this from her body language.

Blow Warm Breathe

Listen to her heart beat as well as yours.  Lick the area of the neck you intend to plant a kiss with the tongue.

Flow with the Current

How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck is romantic as a wet kiss if done right. It is the thought behind that count and carries the day.

How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck
How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck

Use of the Tongue

Create more pleasurable sensations as you build up the passion by nibbling on the neck.  Beginning with mouth closed, build neck kissing as the hands work magic on the girl’s body.  Next open the mouth and let your tongue grace her neck gently.  You could make funny noises to go with the good times. Show her you’re enjoying as much as giving in to her passion. This rubs off on her.

Tease, string her along and when you actually plant the kiss, she’s good and ready to explode.

Read the Girl’s Body Language.

How do you know a girl is good and ready for neck kissing?  You’re lucky if she asks for it.  In most cases, you depend on symptoms and signs from body language communication. Here is what to look for to gauge the situation.

Tilt of head suggests you could explore further options.

Your big day is fast approaching.  You need to know the essential elements that add value to romantic love.  You don’t want to wait to discover kissing is part of the game plan on the wedding day.

Find out if she liked it when you’re done.  If she pushes you away, it could be for a number of reasons.  Don’t rule out bad breathe. You could also be doing it wrongly. Suggest, you could do this again in the near future.

Keep an open mind.  You know what to do.  Take up the courage and try it out today if you haven’t already.  Girls have codes. Kissing a girl’s neck is the most obvious place to decode a girl’s sexuality.It may not work out 100% first time round.  But there is room for improving How to Kiss a Girl on the Neck.