9 Secrets Will Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You

Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You

Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You – On the April day, the first time George trooped into my office, a great friendship of my life was born.

We talked about many things in our past lives.  None of us would tell another living soul, the things we shared.

“Your secrets are safe with me,” I assured him.  During one of many conversations, he offered to teach me how to design websites. But, something happened which made him go back on his word.  This was the beginning of the end of our fragile short lived relationship.

“Did I associate moonlighting with euphoria feeling of falling in love?  A million and one such questions rushed through my head as the badly bruised heart sunk into the depth of despair.

You’ve been down that road. This is a common plot in the unending ladies struggles in love relationships.  You’ve met and deeply fallen in love with a hunk of a guy. You’re not sure he feels the same towards you. Is there a secret of making a man fall madly in love with you? There is no secret formula to make a man fall madly in love with you.

That is the bad news. The good news is there are nine ways to make a man fall madly in love with you.  Simply put, attract and motivate him to love you. “Motivation is motive in action.”   This is the best definition of motivation you’ll come across in life. You’re anxious to discover nine different ways to make a man fall madly in love with you.  Read on.

9 Secrets Will Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You

Listen with Understanding

Human tendency is to react with doubt, and reject suggestions without giving thought to what the other person says. It takes self-discipline to cultivate positive mental attitude in a relationship.

Easy to say “that is not possible.” Hard to listen with understanding to what the man says.   Attract the man’s attention and he’ll be crazy about you.

Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You
Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You

Lock Eyes with Prospective Man of Dreams

Eye contact is important in establishing commonness in relationships.  The eye is a window into the heart.  You know whether he’s taking you for a ride or genuine through his eyes.  Locking eyes communicates full and undivided attention.

You want him to say the magical words, “I LOVE YOU,” look him in the eye.  Encourage him to feel the passion of your love life through eye contact.  Your eyes darting from one place to another could be misunderstood to mean you’re hiding something.

Feminine Touch of Love

No one knows the effect of a gentle touch better than a woman.  Women are turned on by touch in the right places.   Men also have feelings that could be met through touch. A gentle touch on the arm communicates love and affection.

You’ve been to the movies.  What do couples do to enjoy the time together through in darkness. Stay in touch by holding hands, wrap the arm round shoulders, or let the arm rest on his thigh. Try it out if you’ve not done so already and discover the secret touch to make a man fall madly in love with you.

Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You
Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You

“Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

None of us is perfect.  If short fall is used as the yardstick in love relationship, no one would make it in life. Understanding the need to accept your partner regardless of his setbacks is the first step towards scaling the ladder of love relationship.

You’ve had an argument on the way back from a quick weekend getaway. Inject humor into that gloomy relationship situation.  Laughter diffuses tension and eases conflict.

Admit, your time out didn’t turn out 100% but you made the best of it.  Shower the man with genuine praise for organizing the trip, and making sure you got value for money. “I couldn’t have done it without you,” says heaps to stroke the man’s ego as your hero. Steer clear from sulking.  It takes the fun out of life.

Frequent Pleasant Surprises Work Wonders in Relationships

You love surprises.  Use the same secret charm to make a man fall madly in love with you. Times have changed.  There is a marked shift in trends and tactics of approach to relationships today.  Relationships used to be dominated by men. Women were considered timid, feminine, taking the passive position to romantic love.  Not anymore.  The idea of giving and receiving gifts has also taken a dramatic turn.

Surprise your man with a special gift on his birthday with “You’re in my mind all the time,” note. Show him love with a hug, kiss.  He in turn will fall madly in love with you.

Identify Common Core values

Values determine beliefs. Beliefs define expectations.  Expectation drive outcome in life.  “How do you determine common core values in a relationship?”

There is no quick fix it way to identify important issues in relationships except open discussion on personal, professional life, career, health, finance, and family.   How does identification of common values work in relationships?

  • Improves One Core Value at a time.
  • Evaluates the Core Value at Hand
  • Incorporates the New Core Value into Your Relationship
Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You
Make a Man Fall Madly in Love with You

Make Time for Dinner Dates and Get Away Weekends

Whip up his favorite dish and set the table with a bottle of wine and candles once in a while.  You could also make arrangements to eat out. Whatever you do, make time for dinner dates and quick weekend getaway to rewind and re-energize your love.

Set Clear Accommodative Standards

It is difficult to have common ground in a relationship without set clear standards. Clear set standards are to relationships what North Pole compass point is to the sailor at sea. Clear standards assist in navigating rough terrains in relationships through effective communication.

Effective Communication is the Foundation of A Strong Relationship.

The main cause of troubled relationships originates from failure to communicate effectively with each other.

Make the effort to emphasise set clear standards through effective communication, now that you both know what you want out of the relationship.  Relationship presents an ideal situation for interpersonal communication.

Effective communication in relationship involves three levels: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. You want to make your man fall madly in love with you, put these nine secrets into practice today.