10 Tricks – How to Make A Man Propose Marriage

How to Make A Man Propose Marriage

How to Make A Man Propose Marriage – Sherrill and Russell were out playing lawn tennis one afternoon. Sherrill took the liberty to remind Russell to make a commitment, in the three year old relationship.

“Look Sherrill, I appreciate your concern…,”Russell remarked in response to Sherrill’s pestering him to propose marriage.  You’ve been pushing with a guy for a while.  Things are going well. You let your imagination run wild thinking of a future together, building a home, and making beautiful babies to top it all up.

He loves you.  No doubt about that. You’re good and ready.  However, the man is stalling to propose marriage. How do you ask him to propose marriage without sounding desperate?  Here are ten tips to steam roll the process for him pop up the big question.

10 Tricks – How to Make A Man Propose Marriage

1. Drop Hints Whenever the Opportunity Comes Up

You’ve waited in vain to hear the words “will you marry me?” It’s time to take the relationship to the next level by dropping hints about marriage.  You know when he is in a jovial mood.  That’s the time to bring up the topic.  You could use a friend’s wedding as an illustration to suggest how nice it would be to get his marriage proposal.

Drop marriage proposal hints to coincide for example with a weeding in real life, from a television program or magazine article.

2. Make Yourself Scarce

Deborah has done everything she could think of to get guys to propose marriage without luck.

“I have been disappointed thrice,” she laments her eyes moist with tears.  You’ve been expecting him to propose as days turn into months and years. There is no sign in sight the man is about to go on bended knees and ask your hand in marriage. Your biological clock is not on hold. Shake things up in the relationship.

Forget about sitting around waiting for him to propose. Make yourself scarce, plan quick weekend getaway with your girlfriends without informing him.   Out of sight is not always out of mind. You can’t be gone for three, four days without him calling. That’s a good sign. He values your presence.

How to Make A Man Propose Marriage
How to Make A Man Propose Marriage

3.Treat Yourself to a Solo Date

Here are five solo dates that could spur your partner to take note.

  • Take up dancing classes and learn new, vibrant dance styles. This will relieve you form stress and take your mind off things.
  • Enroll for an art/creativity class. Spend time painting, drawing, work with ceramics and discover the joy of creating something of value.
  • Book a glamorous photo-shoot with a talented photographer. This will brighten your cloudy day as you change clothes and make up to bring out the best in you.
  • Book a night at a resort and enjoy the relaxed mood while you’re alone.
  • Explore your neighborhood or city and discover new and interesting places you’ve never visited in the local community.

Any of these activities will refresh and assist you to shift focus to self.

4. Shift the Focus to Yourself

Do you feel as though your partner hardly understands you? How can you strengthen the foundation of the relationship?  Knowing what your partner wants from you as well as communicating your needs is one of the most effective tools of creating a stronger relationship.  Understanding what both of you need does not only erode sources of conflict, it also improves your capacities to fulfill each other’s desire in life.

You’ve dreams and goals to fulfill in this life. Think of what is in this relationship for you. Pick up those old hobbies, to shift focus towards yourself for a change. Drag your butt back to the gym.  Meet new people and get innovative ideas to make a stab at discussing the way forward in your relationship.

How to Make A Man Propose Marriage
How to Make A Man Propose Marriage

5. Hang Out with Married Couples.

Your guy could be skeptical about marriage if he grew up in a divorced background. This could lead him to drag proposing for fear of the outcome. Hanging out with married friends is one way to let the man interact with married couples.

The effect rubs off on him as he interacts with successful marriage couples. This works in your favor to replace his negative mental attitude with positive images of successful marriages.

6. Declare Your Intention in Word and Deeds

Your boyfriend has developed cold feet to propose marriage. What do you do to reverse this scenario? He’s yet to realize his life would be empty without you.  Here is the game plan. You’ve got what it takes to package your personality as the best friend, partner at brainstorming for innovative ideas.  Be sure to make him laugh.

Be sure to free space for individual reflection. He needs time in the relationship to read, be out with the boys.  Allow room for individual freedom in the relationship.

7. Mention Moving House in Passing

This could stir the man to begin thinking how lonely life would be without you.  Bring back brochures to the house and leave them in the open to make him believe you could actually pull this off.  Talk about plans to land a new job in a different location to further your career. He could be in a fix if you’re sharing rent.

8. Keep Your Options Close to the Chest.

Strike up a conversation with an eligible bachelor at the shop down the road.  This will show him you’re attractive and there are guys dying to take you on a date and propose marriage. Injecting pain and fear in the relationship could be what the guy needs to make a commitment.  You could use the step back technique.

How to Make A Man Propose Marriage
How to Make A Man Propose Marriage

9. Step Back and Watch what Happens

How much time do you spend on the phone with him?  Your time together could be a stumbling block in the relationship.  Be creative with text messages.  Change the usual emoji.

You’ve given him a blow job, but don’t fancy sleeping snuggled up to his body the whole night. Let him make the effort to put that diamond ring on your finger to propose and lay claim.

10.Spend Lavishly without Consulting Him

You’ve run ideas past your man all the time, you’ve been pushing.  You’ve been saving money to buy your dream car.  Go for it without asking for his opinion. He will realize you can manage life without consulting him unless he proposes marriage. He might be furious and ask why you’re being secretive.

Nicely put it to him, you’re not married yet and the decision is personal.  That will push him to make quick mental arithmetic if he wants to be part of your life.

You dream of a man of means to show you a good time, pamper and keep you on a luxurious life, and love you till death do you part. Apply the above outlined ten tips and you’re home and dry.