7 Signs she has a Crush on You

Signs she has a Crush on You

she has a Crush on You – Thirty seconds is all it takes a woman to decide she has a crush on you. Hey a guy, how can you tell if this is real love or infatuation?  Put it to the test with seven signs she has a crush on you.

7 Signs she has a Crush on You

She Makes Time to Talk to You

You talk to different women all the time and there is nothing to it. However, when it comes to this blonde, it’s different.  She is keen on making time to talk to you at great lengths. She calls, sends text messages frequently and is never in a hurry to hang up on a telephone conversation.

These are outward signs she is has a crush on you. What can you do about it?

You know what you want out of relationship, if you’re into one already.  If she meets all your requirements – go for it. No point denying her body language pointing you in that direction.

Her Body Language Points in that Direction

Women have practiced and perfected body language to express inner feelings.  What obvious signs should a man look for? She tends to lean towards you during conversation as if her body is drawn to your as metal to magnet. Notice the playful way she hits you on the shoulder, chest eyeballing you with forget me not smile on her face.

“If you like it, crown it,” to borrow a line from one manufacturing paint commercial.   It’s your turn to respond by allowing her room in your personal space to make body contact.  Smile back and bring her body language communication full circle.

Signs she has a Crush on You
Signs she has a Crush on You

What You, Is What You Get

“Seeing is believing,” you’ve heard it said.  The girl’s eye communicates feeling of love and affection.  From one corner of your eye, you notice she steals a look at you without making eye contact.  She can’t get enough of feasting her eyes on you.

Give her a double dose of her own medicine.  Stare back at her with no intention of hiding it.  You might scare her from starring on the one hand.  On the other hand, she could meet and match your eyes with a stone face.  Whatever the outcome, it’s a win-win situation whether or not it’s a sign she has a crush on you.

You See Her, You See A Crush

You encounter a crush at every corner on the street, across the room in a restaurant, travelling in a bus, plane, ship or train.  How do you explain the presence of the same lady seated at the opposite table in your favorite eatery? Is it coincidence, one lady passes by your desk all the time she walks in and out of the office? Does it bother you, she is stealing a glance at you every now and again?

You would do or say something if you didn’t think its deliberate, but its and that pokes your curiosity to discover this is a sign she has a crush on you. So what do you do about it?  Make the move if the suspense is killing you.  Walk over to her in the restaurant and say something to the effect,

“You look familiar. Are you from around here?  You’ve delivered the opening lien proceed and introduce yourself.

“My name is Sam, what is yours?” You’ve broken the ice and made the connection. The rest as they say is ancient history.

She Speaks Well of You

Nothing beats the power of praise from a woman showing signs she has a crush on you. You’re her Mr. Perfect and she makes no secret of it. She speaks well of you to her closest friends, because she knows word gets round, soon you get to hear it from the grapevine.

This has been going on for a while.  No doubt this is a sign she has a crush on you. What’s with heaping praises on you?  If you didn’t know better, you would think otherwise.  But you know the signs of a woman who has a crush on a man.  It’s your turn to act. Ask her out on a date and get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Revitalization of Relationship Roles

Romantic relationships have taken a drastic turn around.  It isn’t as if women don’t make advances.  However, open blatant sex approach is rare even among commercial sex workers.

A lady could dress provocatively and walk seductively, displaying a lot of flesh.  But it’s still a man’s domain to make the first move, so you think.    Today, a lot of women make advances on women.  You know the difference between flirting, teasing and real love. A woman is capable of communicating her feeling of love through different body language. A wink, girlish giggles, is clear sign she has a crush on you.  She may not gather courage, come up to you and say,

“Hey a guy, I have a crush on you.” She doesn’t have to.  The signs say so loud and clear. Do her a favor. Put the blonde out of her misery by acknowledging.  You’re the man.  Take her up on the offer.  Ask her to join you for cappuccino, dinner, movie or weekend out of town.  Give the lady a chance to dress up and let her clothes speak volumes.

Her Clothes Speak Volumes

You’ve seen her in different clothes but not dinner dress. What difference would it make if you saw in sweat shirt at the gym?  The image of her inner glow is already ingrained in your brain data bank, whether she has a special splash of the deodorant for this occasion. You paid attention and noticed signs she has a crush on you. You now have the opportunity to tell it to her as it is.

“I have never seen you looking as lovely as you do tonight,” This kind of compliment from a guy she has a crush makes a girl’s day. You want to know a lady is into you, these seven signs are all the confirmation you need to know in order to make the move today.