8 Undeniable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You.

signs he secretly likes you body language

Signs He secretly likes you – You can give offense without knowing, through word or body language communication. It is common knowledge a person says one thing and could act differently.

Look into the eye of the next person on the street, in a bus, train, plane or restaurant.  What do they have in common?  You can learn a great deal by simply observing body language communication to understand people.   How do you know a guy secretly likes you? Here are Eight Undeniable Body Language Signs He secretly likes you.

8 Undeniable Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You.

signs he secretly likes you body language
signs he secretly likes you body language

He Smartens Up

The first thing a woman notices about a man besides how tall is his shoes. A lot of men neglect the shoes department, yet it says 100 different things about a man.  Time and space would not allow us to go into details of what a man’s shoes say about him.

Pure leather for a man’s boot is an act of self-love.  Not only does it show good taste, it also reflects long term vision and that is the kind of body language a man secretly pushes to show his love for a woman.

A lady is quick to notice a man adjusting his tie, brushing his trouser while his eyes are on her. All these efforts to smarten up sends clear signal to a lady the man secretly adores her.

Shows off Masculinity

A man shows off his biceps wearing a tight T-Shirt not because he’s spoiling for a fight with another man, rather that the lady he is eyeing knows she is assured of protection.

It is typical for a man to stand up straight talking to a lady.  He wants to get noticed.  A man 6’ 5” has the body frame ladies eyes drool over. Regular exercise at the gym adds a touch of masculinity a lady desires.  The man knows about it and makes no secret by showing off his masculinity and that is a good sign he secretly likes you.

He’s All Smiles

“How come you have a friend the rest of us don’t know about?” Jacqueline slyly says, looking away trying to put a dent on Christine’s new found man friend.

“I have a life away from you girls, you know,” Christine remarks. She then goes on to let her girlfriends know a little secret about Joe.

“I can’t help falling in love with Joe.  He has big smiles that make my heart melt.”  Does this sound a familiar?  Why shouldn’t it? A man with honest smile draws ladies to him all the time. This body language sign shows he knows what turns you on and goes to great lengths to you a sign he secretly likes you.


“Whatever happens tonight is our night out.  No babes, not even eyeballing the ones in the pub,” James reminds Nathan and Michael, as the trio plan boys night out.  But once they hit the pub and have had one tom many, every babe is a potential Miss World pageant.  Any guy worth his salt would receive a standing ovation for being her date.

It runs in the blood.  Boys will always be boys.  No matter how old they’re and what responsibilities are waiting at their doorsteps at home, including a wife and a bunch of kids.  Men are creatures of sight.  If a guy is into a girl, he’ll follow her around with his eyes, a sign he secretly likes you.

He Makes the Effort to Notice You

‘’Check that babe out,” Nathan cries out, his eyes heavy with desire.  All the three guys eyes stray to follow a twilight girl hoist on six inch Stiletto, cat walking across the dimly lit bar room in a black mini skirt and spaghetti top.

“Nathan what is it with you man, can’t you keep your eyes and hands off babes for just tonight.”

It doesn’t stop there. He wants to join her group, get close to show interest. He can’t take his eyes and mind off the babe.  All his attention can’t be distracted by anyone or anything. He only has eyes for her.

Intentional Body Contact

You imagine touch triggers a girl’s emotion of love and affection.  Men could be creatures of sight, but ultimately, a gentle touch on the woman’s arm and the intentional brush of his body on the woman conveys a message of love.

He Can’t Take His Eyes off You

How many times have you noticed a man look over his shoulder as he leaves the room, not at empty space but you?  The glance could be brief but it says a lot.  You have no doubt the man’s last look says, he would love to get close and freaky with you soon.

You realize the man has all along been sending signals with his eyes to you.  You only just noticed but it has been there all along.

He’s Out to Impresses

A guy also gets worried about a woman he’s pursuing not picking up the phone.

“She didn’t pick up the phone when I called her last night. Michelle is not the type”, Mike reminisces. He looks at his watch.  It’s eleven in the night and Michelle hasn’t called back.

“This is unlike her,” Mike thinks aloud. “Something must be wrong,” he concludes. This is not just another story.  Mike is beside himself with worry over Michelle.  He’s not sure how to explain it away.

Mike and Michelle are not officially dating.  However, Mike likes her a lot and wants to impress her.  That is part of the reason; he’s been trying to stay in touch. He hopes Michelle notices his concern and adds up two and together.  This is a sign a guy is secretly like you.  It is only a matter of time before he marshals courage to tell you.

You think a guy likes you? You have no way of knowing.  Watch out for the eight signs outlined here to discover a guy’s secret love for you is manifested in different ways body language is one.