What Signs Men Love in Women

What Signs Men Love in Women

What Signs Men Love in Women – What qualities does a man look for in a woman?  Forget about the stereotype “trophy wife.” A man takes a long hard look to get the right woman. Top ten qualities on a man’s priority include but not limited to morality, character, affectionate, ambition, confidence, loyalty and trust, wife/mother, manager, and submissive. Let us single out these qualities and clothe them with practical life experience illustrations.

What Signs Men Love in Women


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” you’ve heard it said.  However, looks are deceptive.  Not all beautiful looking women have good character.  What would a lady used to heavy makeup look like without any?  In the real world of relationship, a lady is stripped of makeup.

A man wants a mix of qualities from a woman.  A man wants a woman with a great sense of humor, intelligent and feminine.  She’s not just a pretty face. She is also smart and well informed.


Women respond to touch in a special way.  This is the added dimension of feminism. She is spontaneous with kisses and hugs outward demonstration of her love and affection towards the man in her life.

Picture this:  You’re relaxing in the sitting room shortly after dinner with a glass of wine in front of the television watching a love story.  The lady snuggles up to you, puts her soft delicate hands around your waist and cuddles you.

Wow! You couldn’t ask for more affectionate way of showing love from a lady than that. No man can resist a warm such a warm cuddle of love and affection from the lady.

What Signs Men Love in Women
What Signs Men Love in Women


No man wants to get stuck with a lazy woman.  Education gives a woman an edge to relationships.  A man needs a partner that is ambitious to achieve goals in life.  A woman that will go out of her way to seek opportunities to subsidize family spending than solely depend on the man for up keep and paying of bills.


Sex sells everything from clothes, cars to consumer goods. It is not unusual for a car manufacturing company to have scantily dressed bimbo standing next to a car during launch.  True women’s clothes shape the trend of fashion, but must they be explicit and sexually provocative?  It is all about boosting a woman’s confidence.  Men love it.

Confidence is all in the attitude.  Confidence the best accessory a woman needs to put to attract a man.  She could be in T-shirt with blue jeans and still steal a man’s heart.

Loyalty and Trust

These two qualities should be present in all relationships including non-romantic.  Lack of trust leads to mistrust in relationship. Nothing breaks relationships faster than infidelity and it is all due to lack of trust.

Loyalty in defending your partner or supporting him is a huge boost to the relationship.  A man needs a woman who would stand up for him in the event of gossip calculated to tarnish his name and drag the relationship through the mud.

What Signs Men Love in Women
What Signs Men Love in Women


A good wife is a man’s most trusted partner in relationship.  Her responsibilities include but not limited to taking care of children, ensuring their happiness and making nutritious meals to feed the family.

She is warm, friendly and homely. That is the kind of woman every man dreams of.

Managerial Skills

Where would men be today without women?  Most people associate superior managerial skills with men.  A woman may not receive trophies for her role as the manager of a home.  The man in her life could die with lips sealed without acknowledging her special skills to manage affairs of the house, including finances.

Yet deep inside, men know “behind every successful man, there is a woman.”  Without a woman’s strength to manage homes in the absence of the man, home can’t run and flourish.


What do women clothes say about them?  Ladies stock wardrobes with items that convey authority, status, or position in society. The secret behind stocking a power wardrobe is to have items in there that speak volumes about your image.

Josephine comes out in her dressing as rich, elegant, woman who would only go out with a guy on wheels.  This is the kind of self-image message her clothes project of her. A lady will dress the part without being disrespectful or accused of indecent exposure.  A man loves a mix of the two. Social media interaction says a lot about ladies.

These two qualities make a lady special and draw a man to her like metal to magnet.

What Signs Men Love in Women
What Signs Men Love in Women


“Ladies first,” is an accepted reference in social circles.  In some quarters “its gentlemen before.” Submissive stirs negative feelings among intelligent women that view submission in terms of slavery.

Submissive simply means yielding intelligently in obedience to an established power or authority.  Not all women share these sentiments. Literature on gender equality reveals feelings against and not for submissiveness.

“Submissiveness isn’t a matter of mere outward form, but an inner attitude,” one relationship expert observed. A woman can be a person of strong, outspoken character and opinions and still be submissive. She can also be arrogant, rude opinionated and unkind.  Most men can’t stand such attitudes.


You’re different and unique despite having a common bond in love. Sharing things in common determines how you solve challenges in relationship and the kind of dates you plan, and discussions of mutual interest.

You couldn’t succeed to achieve any of these goals unless you’re compatible. Compatibility between partners in a relationship assists in collective decision and participation.  Your thoughts on family career development, finance, health and fitness, are effective through harmony in compatibility.

Your perspective on religion also plays a major role in building a strong relationship foundation.

You want to know what qualities a man looks for in a relationship, think of character, affection, ambition, confidence, loyalty and trust, partnership, managerial skills, respect submissive, and compatibility. Whether you’re in short or long term relationship, these ten qualities apply in building in a strong foundation.