What qualities a man loves in his lover?

What qualities a man loves in his lover

Seven Superior Qualities Men Love in Women – Taste for women is varied from one man to another. One man spots good qualities in a woman that drive him to love and cherish her in a flash.  If you’re in the majority, the process is trial and error.

Most guys don’t go out to look for supermodels. You would rather go for down to earth, easy to relate with sensitive woman.  Choosing the right kind of woman for casual or permanent romantic relationship is a matter of personal taste and preference. We all have different lists of expectations from prospective partners.  Is there a formula or quick fix technique to discover superior qualities men love in his lover?  No.  But here are seven superior qualities men love in a woman.

Good Manners

You’ve been dating for 2-3 years.  It is easy to let familiarity breed complacency in the relationship.  “He didn’t appreciate my effort to make his favorite dish,” a woman laments. A woman on the other hand could take special dinner date gestures for granted by assuming passive role in relationship.  She forgets to thank the man for making time to organize and finance the quick weekend getaway.

Good manners also involve prior planning of activities.  Keep an open diary handy for activities planned in the week, month and year.  Go one step further to pin notes of upcoming events on the door of the fridge. This is a nice way to remind yourself and the partner that good manners is one of the seven qualities men love in his lover.  You both see it all the time you raid the fridge.

What qualities a man loves in his lover
What qualities a man loves in his lover


A man wants a loving woman who cares about him as much as he cares about her.  Love is of seven superior qualities men love in his lover. Love is shown in different ways by men and women. It could be through giving materials things or through actions.

You could also invent a secret code to express your love for one another.  In rare cases of one partner in the relationship is deaf, the two would use sign language to communicate feelings and emotions. You’ve tons of body language communication at your disposal to show love, teddy bear hugs, locking eyes with each other to communicate a message only the two you are able to decode. Surprises gifts are greatly appreciated.

Society Stereo Types.

You think most blonde women are damn. Don’t you believe society stereo type as yardstick for gauging a good partner? You’ll be surprised to discover blonde ladies are also smart. This is true because you’re unique, so is the lady. We all have special qualities and abilities which set us apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re attracted by physical appearance or yours is a case of unexplained chemistry.   There is no telling what a man can do to win a lady’s heart for casual or permanent relationship.  The buck stops with you.

What qualities a man loves in his lover
What qualities a man loves in his lover

Sincere Smile

How much does a smile cost? One way in which men are easily attracted to ladies is through sincere smiles.  You’ve met this lady with a smile on her face that could light up the sky.  Her smiling face remains engraved in your brain.  You’re unable to shake it off.

How do you know this is it? This is the real thing you’ve always desired in a lady.  Sincere smile stirs emotions of love and affection and she’s got it.

Honesty and Openness

You’ve made promises to one another in the relationship.  Make towards making your dreams realities. If you promise to spend quality time with the spouse over the weekend, include it in your weekly plan. You agreed to dishes after every meal.  Do it.

If you’re running late for a date, call and inform your partner.  Do not lie saying,

“I’m ten minutes away, when you’re walking out of the house and the distance could take between half to an hour on public transport

Frequent failure to honor your promise reflects poorly on your part and could lead to isolation.  A woman who follows through with promise shows superior qualities men love in his lover.  She is also honest and trusted.

Compatibility as Source Supportive.

You’ve a lot in common.  That’s awesome. You’ve a head start in the relationship to plan for dates, determine how you solve challenges as a team and the kind of method you use to arrive at agreement on contentious issues. Shared love for food makes cooking easy enjoyable and sampling new cuisines of mutual interest.

Compatibility enables the two of you to make major future decisions. Your belief in strong family units as the foundation of society determines how many children you would love to have and shapes the way these kids are brought up. Your belief in supernatural being determines the kind of faith you’ve in common. You support and not suffocate one another because you’re compatible.

What qualities a man loves in his lover
What qualities a man loves in his lover

Be Real and Responsible

It is encouraging for a man to know that a woman takes her responsibilities seriously.  Making timely contribution to shared rent, electricity bills on time provides the man with peace of mind.  He also doesn’t have to pick the tab all the time the two are eating dinner out.

A man and woman in relationship have expectations.  Think of relationships in terms of seminars. Most seminars begin with housekeeping activities. One in particular that is relevant to responsibility in relationship is in knowing participants and facilitators expectations.

Expectations set ground rules governing seminars and relationships. Commitment to one another leads to making compromises for the sake of harmony in a relationship. This doesn’t mean you should lower your standards of integrity.

Remember no man or woman is able to live up to all your expectations because no one is perfect.  You desire a woman with good manners, loving, smart, sincere, honest, responsible and compatible.  These top seven superior qualities men love in women have worked for others to discover true love in women.  They will work for you provided you put them into practice today.